I had such an exciting night last night!  First, Dad got home from Glenn & Bev’s house and brought a toy from Miss. Daisy for me!  I love my giraffe and I drug her around for hours ~ how did she know that pink is my absolute favorite color?!

Penny\'s New Toy!

penny & giraffe

And THEN he got out the SWIFFER!  I LOVE the swiffer, it cleans up all of my pup prints and it doesn’t bark or hiss at me :o)

XO, Penny Lane



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3 responses to “Let’s SWIFFER!

  1. Christine (Toula's Mom)


    You are so cute and seem to have so much fun!!! Toula hopes that you guys can play together one day!!!!

    I am glad you are feeling much better!!!

    Christine & Toula

  2. Hi Penny,
    Thought I would drop by and say hi! Thanks for your comment!
    Was so upset to read that you had parvo- you poor little puggle. Great to hear your well now!
    Will be keeping up with your adventures.
    puppy love & licks – your friend Franklin!

  3. Hi Penny,

    That swiffer sure looks fun, definitely better than my mommy’s v-a-c-u-u-m! I really hate that monster.


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