Penny Pool Puggle ..

Miss Penny Lane

I had such a fun time this past weekend!

Dad took me for a playdate at Daisy and Prudence’s house on Sunday for like 4 hours, it was so fun to play with Puggle Daisy!  Prudence was a little bossy though, she hip checked me right into the pool within a few minutes of being there ~ I dunked and came up and swam to Dad!  I was sure tired when I got home though, I slept for hours!

In the middle of the night I wasn’t feeling too well … had a few accidents in the house (mom was annoyed) and in the morning I was really not too hungry so I didn’t eat.  Dad kept saying that he ‘overran’ me .. whatever that means.  I actually just swallowed too much water :\ 

On Tuesday I was really not feeling so hot .. Mom finally took me to see the Doctor (again) and then she said how I am a costly little puggle … and the vet called me a silly pup for trying to swim — she told me that Puggles aren’t built for swimming … I think she’s nuts though!

The doctor gave me some tuna treats to knock the pool water sickness out of me (Colitis) .. I’m feeling way better now and have my appetite back.  

I actually think that Boots and Marty still have it out for me and spiked my water.  



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2 responses to “Penny Pool Puggle ..

  1. poor thing, penny. Getting sick is not fun. glad you are feeling better now. Remember to keep your mouth closed when swimming next time! 🙂


  2. Hi Penny,

    I found your blog page through Preston and Franklin. I would love to be pals!

    I’m glad your vet said that us Puggles are not built for swimming. My Daddy tried to show my Mama that I can swim, so he threw me in the lake. I swam righ back to shore in no time!

    You are super cute and I’m excited to keep in touch! Please be sure to check out my page too!


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