Frosty Paw Penny!

Thanks to Preston for his yummy frosty paw recipe!  I LOVE when mom gives me these and I hope that she will make some more soon.  I wish my underbite wasn’t so prominent, it gets stuff stuck on it :\ 


Also!  Mom bought me the coolest collar — it’s PINK camo!  I’m surely stylin now and she even put my rabies tag on me.  Dad says it looks goofy, it’s a little big but I love it!

I’ve been enjoying the summer weather, going for lots of walks and helping mom and dad manage my new house (they’re building a new home) .. we’ve been so busy!  I also love to go for rides in mom’s Jetta, when she jingles the keys I know we’re going byes!

Penny Lane



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2 responses to “Frosty Paw Penny!

  1. Penny Lane,

    I’ve found 5 things we have in common in this blog entry of yours…and they are:
    1. I like Preston’s Frosty Paw recipe too
    2. I also have an Underbite
    3. I have a hoodie that is Pink Camo
    4. I wear my Rabies tag as well as three other tags on my collar.
    5. My Daddy sells Jettas and I like to ride in them too.

    By that I know we will become fast Puggle Buddies soon!


    P.S. You look so cute and patient next to your Frosty Paws!

  2. Hi Penny Lane,

    Isn’t Frosty Paw the yummiest thing ever? Thanks for reminding my mommy that we need to stock up this summer treat.


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